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"Burn your life! Burn your rage!! Now is the Time! CHANGE, GETTAAAAAAAAAA!"

Fan Character RP Blog
Magical Girl based loosely on Ryouma Nagare, the Black Getter, and the OVA Getter Robo Armageddon

Fandom and Universe Agnostic
Just a generic Magical Girl powered by a cosmic force only usable by crazies, and makes them crazier


[ After ingesting everything Getter related aside from Hien and the old TV series’s, I felt sort of like drabbling on about the AU Ryoka came from, particularly the last moments. It was the first time I felt really inspired to write something that wasn’t a reply, so I wanted to do it before the spark was gone. Reply(ies) will resume again. Silly fanfiction/backstory after the break. ]

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“I do not know you, but I have been detected.  This is not an ideal scenario.  State your business, unidentified subject.”

"Haven’t seen a tin can in ages. ‘Course they were lots bigger than you."

The path this woman had taken through time and space was cracked and distorted by cosmic power, to the extent even she, and apparently the Infinity Unit, was unaware. It may have even been the same Getter energy that ripped her from that world that was masking her proper place in time from the machine. This would be the same energy that could spread destruction across the universe, or the same energy that would help sow the seeds of new evolution.

The strange girl wore a black sailor uniform, robed in a black cloak and clutching a pair of broad axes. Though she appeared imposing, she made no aggressive motions. There wasn’t a need to chop down this thing until it proved to be a threat. It bore no resemblance to the biomechanical black parasites she knew as Invaders, nor any other threat to mankind she had seen. It’d be fine to play along.

"Ryoka Nagare, defender of humanity. Been called ‘Child of the Getter’, but fuck if I know that’s supposed to mean. The hell are you?"


Getter Rays are a mysterious force that radiates through space, and has been shining on Earth since before man walked on two feet. Purportedly, Getter Rays are responsible for driving the dinosaurs away and eliciting the evolution of mankind. The exact properties of Getter energy are unknown, but it is seemingly a source of unlimited power. It is also assumed that Getter energy has its own consciousness. Some assume that the Getter will envelope mankind and drive it to its ruin.

Different creatures have different reactions to exposure to Getter energy. For example, dinosaurs and their descendants react adversely to it, making it a useful weapon to fight them. Other creatures, like the Invaders from unknown space, will absorb Getter energy and experience immediate evolution. While this can be beneficiary to the aliens, over-exposure will result in them mutating unstably and dying.

Human reaction to Getter energy is peculiar. Getter machines have driven many people to their death. Only a special brand of human could withstand the forces exerted by Getter proportion, and invariably these kinds of people are affected by Getter radiation. Typically it debilitates the mental health of those exposed. Long-term pilots show signs of increased hostility and aggression as well as hallucinations ranging from mild disturbances to extreme delusions. One theory is that these mental disruptions are caused by the will of the Getter and it attempting to speak to those irradiated.

The Bottom Line:

Getter energy can benefit mankind, but it may well be its greatest enemy. 


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shogo—makishima, the-magic-in-the-cards, sister-puella-magica, and gettashoujo have spotted the girl in the dream.


Where did they all come from? Somewhat overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of so many people, Homura gave a small bow. “Hello.”

"Well ain’t this a fine party. ‘Scuse me, didn’t mean to start a crowd." The black haired girl flashed a wild smile and rose her hand to give the strange girl a sign-off. There was something to her, probably nothing to trifle about in a hurry.